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We provide two levels of training:

  1. An introduction to renewable energy for those considering wind, solar PV or micro-hydro systems
  2. Comprehensive training for installers of domestic wind energy systems

Turbotricity Training Videos -Introduction to renewable energy

Free online video training on renewable energy. This course has been run by Quentin Gargan at Ardnashee for a number of years. The course is a great way to get a basic understanding of the practicalities of installing renewable energy for your home. All training material is provided in good faith to help you understand the principles of wind energy. The course is copyright and subject to out terms and conditions. Watch the all 8 lectures below:

Introduction to Wind Energ
Introduction to Wind Energy
Quentin Gargan introduces the basics of wind energy. This is the first lecture in the Turbotriciy Wind Energy Series and covers the basic principles of wind power.

Siting your wind turbine
Siting your wind turbine
Quentin Gargan explains the importance of the site. Viable wind power is natually a product of the availablility, quality and consistency of wind on a site.

Assessing Your Site
Assessing your own site
Quentin Gargan explains how to assess your own site for suitability. Practical guidance on windspeed assessment and how to get the most output from your turbine by positioning on the terrain.

Payback Time
Payback Time
How long will it take to pay for your investment in wind power. Quentin is passionate about only using wind power where appropriate. It must make sense in terms of the energy generated and the quality of your site.

Electrical Theory
Electrical Theory
Volts Amp & Ohms the mysteries of electicity explained as it pertains to understanding wind power. Quentin gives a very practical introduction to the basics of electrical theory.

Principles of Battery & Grid Tie Systems
Principles of Battery & Grid Tie Systems

Quentin investigates the principles of battery storage and grid tie systems that allow you to feed back into the national grid.

Towers and Foundations
Towers and Foundations
This lecture deals with laying a suitable foundation for your wind turbine and choosing an appropriate tower. The basic setup must be able to cope with the stresses of the worst weather, not just the ambient wind on a nice breezy day.

This lecture covers the various approaches to design. Generators, blades, rotor pitch. All you need to know about the design of a wind turbine.

Comprehensive training for installers

This course was originally intended for professional installers, but there are a number of people who wish to self-install their own turbine. While this course is open to all, please note that the ESB or utility company will only allow an installation that has been signed off by a qualified electrician.

In addition to the headings above, this course deals with:

  • Practical groundwork considerations
  • Generator assembly and maintenance procedures
  • Installation and programming of controllers and grid-tie inverters
  • Installation of heat dumps
  • Appropriate earthing and lightening protection
  • Safe turbine raising and lowering practices
  • Cable sizing for single phase, three phase and DC circuits

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  • Great return on investment
  • Perfect height for reduced turbulence
  • No planning headaches
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Affordable turbine
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