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Proven 6kw Wind Turbine For Sale

February 5th, 2011

We don’t usually advertise a competitors’s turbine, but unfortunately a friend near Cork has had to take down their Proven 6kw wind turbine because of local objection.

The turbine is grid-tied and in perfect condition and has had almost no use. At time of writing, it is advertised here. If that ad has gone off line, you can contact us and I can give you phone contact details.

While there is a planning exemption for wind turbines, this is the second time I know of where a turbine has had to be taken down. The first, in Louth, was because the Council had deemed the site to be in an area of special scenic amenity (you should always check this with the council).

On this occasion, there was concern that the turbine would cause shadow flicker on a neighbouring dwelling. This aspect has not been tested in the courts. Shadow flicker happens if the turbine comes between the sun and somebody’s window.

Our own turbine has a controller which can close the turbine down for the brief periods when and if this happens – it is usually only a matter of a few minutes each day for about 20 to 30 days of the year. However, shadow flicker does cause a strobing effect in the affected house, and would be a problem for anyone with epilepsy.

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