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Planning Permission for Wind Turbines

In Ireland, our turbine and tower are designed to meet the general exemptions under Statutory Instrument 83 of 2007 . To meet these exemptions, the turbine must be positioned behind the front wall of your house, and must be more than 14m from any boundary wall. The noise level must normally be less than 43 db(A) when measured from the nearest neighbouring dwelling (or 5 db above background)

However, this exemption may not apply if the installation is deemed to interfere with the character of a landscape or a view of special amenity. If you think this may apply to your site, you should consult with your Local Authority to ensure that your area is suitable and is not designated as a special area.

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  • Great return on investment
  • Perfect height for reduced turbulence
  • No planning headaches
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Affordable turbine
Delighted with my Turbotricity turbine. It works away effortlessly and quietly giving me plenty of clean free power Brendan Murphy