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Grants for Wind Turbines


There are no grants available for the installation of domestic wind turbines in Ireland. However, there is a subsidy which comes in the form of a higher payment for electricity sold to the grid.

Normally electricity from commercial wind farms is sold to the grid at a price of between 6 and 7.5c per KwHr (unit). However, ESB has agreed a purchase price from domestic producers of 9c per unit (variable, with the price to be set each year). In addition, there is a further subsidy of 10c per unit for the first 3,000 units per year, bringing the maximum purchase price to 19c per unit.

Considering that a high percentage of electricity sold to the grid will be during off-peak times (when the house is not using its own electricity) this price mechanism is a strong support mechanism which encourages households to install modest wind turbines.

Should you wish to install a larger turbine than our 2.5kw model, you need to bear in mind that most of the additional electricity exported will only receive the 9c per unit rate.

In Ireland, a wind turbine must be connected via an inverter which meets EN50438 with local ESB variants. Our inverter has been certified to this standard.


There are occasional grants available in the UK. A number of turbine companies have opted to work outside this scheme because of the cost of compliance. We are currently considering our position in relation to this.

However, in the UK, there are very attractive incentives in the form of a generous feed in tariff and ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) which apply and make the installation of a wind turbine very feasible.

In the UK a wind turbine must be connected using an inverter which meets G83. Our inverter meets this standard.

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