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Pinnacle Mounting

Pinnacle Mounting

Our turbine design is for a downwind system, which we control electronically. Other turbine designs prefer upwind systems with a furling tail, and you can design these using drawings and principles widely available, particularly from Hugh Piggott at Scoraig, who has spawned many DIY turbine projects.

Our turbine pinnacle comes in two parts – a pinnacle pole, which is attached to a flange on the top of the tower, and a pinnacle plate, which swivels on this pole, and carries the generator and blade set. We include two bearings, top and bottom, and the pinnacle plate comes with space for a mounting plate. Additionally we can provide a fibreglass cowling cover to cover the generator.

With a downwind system, it is essential that you have the pole perfectly vertical. This is because the weight of the turbine is not balanced, and if there is a tile on the pole, the turbine will tend to lie in this direction.

If you suspect that your tower cannot be adjusted to be perfectly vertical, you should use an upwind design, or re-design the pinnacle system and ensure that it can accommodate a counter balancing weight. But generally there should be no problem designing a tower in such a way that the pinnacle pole can be perfectly vertical, or made so with the addition of guy wires.

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