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Grid Tie Inverters

Aurora inverters are much lighter than many equivalent wind inverters, and are therefore much easier to handle, deliver and install. A transformer provides galvanic isolation and the inverters comply with G83 and EN50438 for the UK and Ireland.

The programming interface is easy to use and set up with any Windows based PC, which can be connected without removing the front cover of the inverter (a separate small base cover gives access to all power and communication points.

The Aurora inverter Power Curves are full programmable with 16 points on the power curve, compared with the 3 point power curve offered by many other inverters. This allows the turbine performance to be “matched” to the inverter, instead of the inverter being a complete mismatch to the wind turbine’s power output curve. This results in a much better loading of the turbine across its entire operating range – a bit like the difference between a car having 3 gears and having 16 gears.

Grid Tie Inverters

Some inverters have a range of 200 to 600VDC. Aurora inverters operate from 50 to 600VDC. This very low input voltage threshold allows wind turbines to export power in wind speeds which are too low for the most inverters to make use of. This extends the operating wind speed range of turbines with a low wind speed start up.

The rate at which Aurora inverters can “dynamically load” the turbine output is much higher than with other inverters, most of which can only ramp up their loading at a maximum rate of 1 Kw per second. By comparison, Aurora inverters can ramp up their loading at up to 3 Kw per second. This helps to capture wind gusts more readily, and keeps the turbine under far more controlled conditions.

Our Aurora inverters have an “exporting interface” built into them, which allows an external wind turbine controller to monitor the operating state of the inverter at all times. This allows the control system to “know” when the inverter is ready to accept power for grid exporting. This is particularly important during initial start-up and following grid fail or error, where otherwise the wind turbine would run off load, thus reaching the upper input voltage threshold of the inverter very easily, and risking damage to it. With the addition of an external intelligent turbine controller, the turbine can be kept in a low RPM operating state during any times when the inverter is “waiting” or “monitoring” prior to grid connecting. Once connected, the inverter can then tell the wind controller to fully remove any electrical braking of the turbine, thus allowing it to spin up under full control.

In addition to this very handy start-up feature, if the inverter goes off-line during high power production times, the external control system will “know” that the inverter has just dropped out of circuit, and can then apply the turbine’s brakes or carry out any other function that is suited to the wind turbine in question.

With most other inverters, the turbine controller will always be operating “blindly” of the inverter’s operating state, which can be problematic. This export interface was developed for Voltsys – please
email us if you want technical information on this.

Supplied as an optional protection device, the Aurora Wind Box will apply an external “dump load” to the wind turbine if the input voltage to the inverter exceeds a preset threshold. This device, although very useful, operates blindly form the inverter, and is useful only where no other over voltage protection is offered within the turbine’s own controller.

Some installers will want to use this Wind Box to act as a secndary protection for the inverter, and also to ensure warranty compliance.

The standard warranty with a Aurora inverter is two years, with a small surcharge for a 5 year return to base warranty. Voltsys prices include this surcharge in their standa= prices, and all inverters come with the 5 year warranty.

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