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Windmills to Wind Turbines – Ireland’s Progression

January 13th, 2011

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Though windmills are usually associated with Holland, harnessing the energy of the wind is nothing new in Ireland. The Blenerville windmill remains a prized tourist attraction in Tralee, and there are dozens of old windmill sites around the country. The first recorded windmill in Ireland was in 1281 in Kilscanlon, Wexford, and in the 19th century, there were some 250 windmills dotted around the country.

In the ever-changing energy scenario, steam replaced wind as a source of power and today grain is milled using electricity, which in turn is largely produced from steam, using gas, oil, coal or peat to boil the water.

Thankfully, an increasing share of that electricity now comes from the wind, and things have gone full circle, with electricity replacing belts and pulleys as a means of using wind energy to turn grain into flour and flakes.

Of course, putting up a windmill in the 19th century required considerable engineering skills, and a steady supply of grain to be milled. Today, because Ireland has some of the best wind resources in Europe, a small modern turbine costing as little as €13,500 can produce enough electricity to mill thousands of tons of wheat per year.

Wind turbines, whether large or small, can be used to export to the grid, while powering household appliances from washing machines to iPods – even flour mills.

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