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Grid Feed In Tariff (FIT) Renewed

December 30th, 2011

ESB / Electric Ireland has announced that it is to renew its feed in tariff at the same rate (9c per Kw Hr) for another year. This means that anyone installing a microgeneration system will get this amount guaranteed for the next five years, with no particular promise of what will follow thereafter. (see here)

This is in addition to the 10c top-up that microgenerators get for the first 3,000 units exported each year. The top up is due to expire at the end of February.

This sort of drip-feed compares very poorly with other countries where the feed in tariff is guaranteed at a multiple of this value for 20 years or more. A long term investment such as a wind turbine or solar PV array need more secure financial supports than this I’m afraid…

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