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What is the cost of your turbine?

Generally we can install a wind turbine on your site for €13,500 including VAT. However, this assumes that the foundation is into good clay, that the cable run to the house is less than 100m, and that there are no complications such as sewer pipes along the cable route, long stretches of tarmacadam etc.

If you want to install your own system, the cost of the hardware alone is €9,000 plus VAT. This includes all components, but you will have to buy concrete and steel for the foundations, armoured cable etc.


How long is the payback time?

That depends entirely on the wind speed at your site. Even a small increase in the average wind speed may double the output of a wind turbine. We can carry out a site assessment that will establish a payback time on your specific site. Also remember as energy prices rise your payback time gets better.


Do I have to understand electricity?

No – the system is designed to look after itself. We ask owners to make a visual inspection once a year, but if you don’t want to do this, we can arrange to do it for a small charge.


How does the import/export meter work?

Our turbine supplies a grid-tie inverter which sends electricity into the grid at your fuse-box. The system seamlessly manages your import and export. If you are using more electricity than the turbine produces, the difference is supplied by the grid and charged on your import meter. If the turbine produces more electricity than you are using, the surplus is sent into the grid and charged to your electricity supplier on your export meter.


Do I need planning permission?

Generally you don’t. Our turbine and tower are designed to meet the exemptions, but you need to check in our planning section to ensure that your installation is covered by these exemptions.


Can I install more than one turbine?

Yes, it is possible to install two turbines on one meter, but the second turbine will need planning permission. In Ireland, unless you have three phase electricity, you are not allowed to export more than 6kw at any time to ESB (10Kw in the UK) so one of the inverters would have to be curtailed to this limit.


What is the carbon payback time for a wind turbine?

Carbon payback time is the length of time a turbine needs to operate to have saved the carbon emissions caused by its manufacture. On a good site, the likely payback time is in the region of two years for our wind turbine. However, the foundation and tower have a projected life span of 60 years, and most of the rest of the generator can be continuously repaired and re-used.


Can I mount my wind turbine on the roof?

No. Firstly, this is not allowed under the planning exemptions. Secondly, buildings are generally not designed to take the forces that a turbine exerts on the base of the tower. A third problem is that vibration can travel through the tower and may resonate with any part of the house causing noise. Lastly, roof mounted turbines are vulnerable to turbulent winds and produce little or no energy.


Where can I get spare parts?

Most moving parts in Turbotricity wind turbines are off-the-shelf components, supplied by market leading companies and readily available. We have chosen our parts for their quality, durability and availability so you never need to worry about your spares. For example, the electronic components that make up our controller are available from most high street electronic stores.


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