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We have launched a new business selling solar photovoltaic systems in Ireland. ConstructionPV will hold stock of a range of solar panels, inverters and roof mounting systems for domestic and industrial installations. As house construction starts again in Ireland there will be a growing market for maintenance free renewable energy to meet Part L of […]

Winding Down The Business

February 8th, 2012

Turbotricity had designed a domestic wind turbine specifically for the Irish & UK market. However, the introduction of mandatory MCS tests for turbines for the UK market makes it difficult for small turbines to be sold into that market, and so we have decided to withdraw from turbine sales. We have developed considerable expertise in […]

Grid Feed In Tariff (FIT) Renewed

December 30th, 2011

ESB / Electric Ireland has announced that it is to renew its feed in tariff at the same rate (9c per Kw Hr) for another year. This means that anyone installing a microgeneration system will get this amount guaranteed for the next five years, with no particular promise of what will follow thereafter. (see here) […]

For some time, we have carried photovoltaic panels as part of our off-grid solution for storing electricy from both wind and sun. These are complementary in Ireland – during the summer, we get more sun, and in winter more wind. We have now decided to extend our range of solar PV products to include 235W, […]

Times are difficult for wind turbine manufacturers in the UK, where a new (very generous) feed-in tariff required EN61400 tests costing up to €100,000. A turbine which was one of the first in the UK to pass this safety, performance and noise test, has now been recalled because it has emerged that a failure in […]

In Ireland, we have a fairly benign planning process for domestic wind turbines. It is quite exceptional that houses and farms can put up a wind turbine without their neighbours having any option to object, even if shadow flicker is a problem. This has resulted in court challenges to turbines after they have been erected. […]

We don’t usually advertise a competitors’s turbine, but unfortunately a friend near Cork has had to take down their Proven 6kw wind turbine because of local objection. The turbine is grid-tied and in perfect condition and has had almost no use. At time of writing, it is advertised here. If that ad has gone off […]

Though windmills are usually associated with Holland, harnessing the energy of the wind is nothing new in Ireland. The Blenerville windmill remains a prized tourist attraction in Tralee, and there are dozens of old windmill sites around the country. The first recorded windmill in Ireland was in 1281 in Kilscanlon, Wexford, and in the 19th […]

A Good Day for Wind Turbines

October 9th, 2010

Wow, what a couple of days! Both our turbines here have been flat out. We aren’t on a great site here, but our 6 blade Turbotricity turbine has produced 37.8kw hrs in the last 24 hours, and 26KwHrs the the provious day. Below is a screenclip of our Turbotricity turbine monitor recording output (Pout centre […]

We are happy to announce that after many delays, we have completed our testing and are ready to launch our 2.5kw domestic wind turbine. A lot of has happened since we first went public with our Wind Turbine project. There are many new entrants offering wind turbines, and as renewable energy enthusiasts we welcome the […]

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