Wind Turbines from Turbotricity

A simple green & cost effective way to produce electricity for your home

Turbotricity has designed a new exciting, trouble free wind turbine with outstanding performance. Just fit and forget. It's quiet, superbly engineered and specifically designed for domestic households. Reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint at a price that is more affordable than you think!

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We are keen to ensure that our turbines are only sold where they will work.

Investing in renewable energy is worthwhile and cost effective providing your site is suitable. Turbotricity offers a free desktop site suitability survey to assess the potential of your site for a wind turbine.

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Wind Inverters & Solar Business

Turbotricity was originally set up to design a domestic wind turbine specifically for the Irish & UK market. However, we have found our main business is in supplying peripherals (controllers, inverters etc.) to other turbine manufacturers.

The introduction of mandatory MCS tests for turbines for the UK market makes it difficult for small turbines to be sold into that market, and so we have decided to withdraw from turbine sales.

Our turbine works well and has proven to be robust and reliable. We can supply the parts for people who want to self-install turbines, but we are no longer in the market for the supply of installed systems.

We now focus on supplying Wind Inverters. We have worked with SMA Windy Boy Inverters, but our focus now is on selling Power One wind inverters and Wind Controllers.

Turbotricity Ltd.

Moylagh, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland

Phone within Ireland Lo-Call 076 6152052

From overseas call +353 57 860 0054

  • Great return on investment
  • Perfect height for reduced turbulence
  • No planning headaches
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Affordable turbine
Delighted with my Turbotricity turbine. It works away effortlessly and quietly giving me plenty of clean free power Brendan Murphy