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Turbotricity Ltd. is founded by enthusiasts for renewable energy, which we believe can provide the energy requirements for comfortable, sustainable lifestyles in the future, while meeting changing needs brought on by a diminishing supply of fossil fuels and a need to reduce our carbon emissions.

However, renewable energy systems must be installed on an ethical basis if their reputation is not to become tarnished. For that reason, we pursue the following policies:

  • Proper site assessment is an essential pre-requisite to installing a wind system. Domestic wind turbines are not for everyone, and should only be installed on sites where they will work effectively.
  • Turbines must be able to withstand extreme winds without suffering damage. They should be rugged and mechanical components should be kept simple to reduce the possibility of failure
  • Payback times should be realistic. Many companies promise very short payback times that are totally unrealistic. We believe that energy prices will continue to rise and that as this happens, payback times will reduce.
  • A well built system is a solid investment. A poorly built system is a folly and will damage the reputation, not jus t of that supplier, but of the whole industry. All components in our system are designed for durability. Our towers are galvanised to prevent corrosion, and our generators are made using only marine grade stainless steel, copper and aluminium.

Turbotricity Ltd.

Moylagh, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland


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From overseas call +353 57 860 0054

  • Great return on investment
  • Perfect height for reduced turbulence
  • No planning headaches
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Affordable turbine
Delighted with my Turbotricity turbine. It works away effortlessly and quietly giving me plenty of clean free power Brendan Murphy