Turbotricity is no longer producing wind turbines for end users. We now focus on the supply of electronic control systems for other turbine manufacturers (see our Voltsys website), and solar photovoltaic panels (see ConstructionPV). Our turbine parts are available to DIY people who want to assemble their own, but we no longer keep a team of installers.

Our closure was triggered by a number of issues, but mainly that solar photovoltaic panels, producing electricity from daylight, fell in price by some 85% for installed systems in the last eight years. We now believe that for Ireland, solar PV is a far more viable solution to meet electricity requirements. Solar PV is completely maintenance free, silent, requires no planning, and 2kw systems can be bought for as little as €2,300 plus VAT.

Our turbine would cost €13,500 installed and produce at most 5,000 units of power per year on many sites. A 6kw photovoltaic system at the time would have cost twice that amount to produce the same power. However, nowadays a 6kw PV system would cost about €7500 plus VAT. For industrial users, the PV system produces electricity when it is needed most – during the day. A wind turbine produces electricity day and night, and a generous export tariff is required to make this viable, as few businesses or householders use much power overnight.

If you are interested in solar photovoltaic panels to produce your electricity, you will find details on our PV options by clicking here.



We have kept our Turbotricity website available here for anyone looking for information about our turbines.